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At Pasai Post Interactive Media — our mission is to create a new understanding platform of the historical legacy of the Pasai Sumatran Universe to enlighten the global development with typical Pasai Sumatran metaphysical & cultural discourses as a contibution to the modern world civilizations in general: a bridge between Achinese Sumatran and the Malay Archipelago or Southeast Asian World as a contribution to the development of the universal cultures. This tremendous responsibility requires the work of dedicated and talented people, all of whom work every day to make our mission in the spirit of Malay Pasai Sumatran legacy of the metaphysical heterodoxy of ONENESS a reality.

Trademark of the Pasai Post Interactive & Media:

The Pasai Post is the first global multi-language newspaper in spirit of Pasai Sumatran universe. It is the the trademark of Mai-Dar-Net and the flagship publication of the Pasai Press International (Pasai Holding Group). First online interactive published on April 11, 2008, The Pasai Post is the only medium of the Pasai Sumatra Global Networking System. The Pasai Post strives to be an authoritative provider of news, reports, views, series, reviews or opinions, with special focus on Pasai Sumatran discourses, Southeast Asian regionalism and relevant global issues. It has the international foreign bureaus and a worldwide network of selected authors, editors, contributors, reporters, correspondents and subscribers.

The HQ of the Pasai Interactive Global Network ist Berlin, Germany with a special representative bureau in Kaliningrad, Russia (former Koenigsberg, East Prussia).

General Infos

Newspaper Information & Newsroom:

Corporate Information

Pasai Holding

Central Office:


Sumatra Office:

Lho’ Seumawe

Peninsula Office 1:


Peninsula Office 2:


Newspaper Printing & Circulation

(Print Edition):

1. Berlin office

2. Lhokseumawe Office (CMCS Building)

3. Kaliningrad (Kantgrad Society)

Editorial Board


Mai Dar (Publisher)

Honorary/Senior Editors:

Council of “Tuha Peut” coordinated by Fozan Santa

Topic Editors (News, Laws, Politics, Business, Sports, Sciences, Cultures, Arts, Metaphysics, Ecology, Women, etc.):

Cut Erika (Secretariat) (see list of PP-editors)

Managing Editors:

Zulkarnain Jalil, xx

Deputy Editors:

Ari P. Jauhari, xx

Associate Editors:

Hafidl Arsyi, xx

Event Editors:

Ayi Sarjev

Multimedia Editors:

Rahmat Hidayat

Reporters & Journalists (Correspondents, Contributors, etc):

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Letters to the Editor by Email at:
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If you are trying to reach Pasai Post reporters or staff members, please email:

Our World Bureaus:

Lho’ Seumawe, Jakarta, Semarang, Penang, Pattani, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Manila, Macau, Nanjing, Kyoto, Berlin, Cairo, Jeddah, Mumbay, Cape Town, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen, Lund, London, Lisboa, Havana, Tanger, Istanbul, Sydney, Honolulu

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Note: xx = in negotiating with relevant supporters in Sumatra & Diaspora